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1st Annual Dave Rosa Memorial Car Show

Brother Rosa loved car shows and had been planning with Local 372 to bring forward a small car show before his death on June 25th.  Local 372 is ensuring Dave’s passion and vision is fulfilled by bringing forward the 1st Annual Dave Rosa Memorial Car Show. Car entrants are limited to ONLY active/retired fire and police officers.  Friends and family are all welcome to come enjoy the show, as it will be a great day.  You will see on the flyer (and the t-shirts we are having made) an old ford truck.  That is Dave’s truck and will be at the car show.  All proceeds from this event will go directly to Rosa’s family.  The fire engine on the flyer is Dave’s fire engine 10.  We look forward to seeing our sisters and brothers coming together and fulfilling Dave’s vision of hosting a car show.  Please click on the following link to print flyer and car registration:  

1st Annual Dave Rosa Memorial Car Show Registration

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Experts Support Four-Person Staffing on Fire Engines/Trucks

Since 2004, the Long Beach Fire Department has lost 30 sworn positions and is now below 1970's staffing levels when the department responded to 5000 emergency calls, compared to 2010's 48,525 calls. The Long Beach Firefighters are especially concerned about a city proposal to cut staffing onboard firefighting units from four to three, since this will cause completely unnecessary life-threatening delays.

California law requires that there must be four firefighters on scene before a unit can deploy personnel into a fire. If a unit arrives with only three firefighters, it has to wait for back-up wasting critical time since fire doubles in size every minute. Lost time results in greater danger to those in the building, those fighting the fire, the structure itself and surrounding neighbors.

Don't take our word for it, please click on the following link to see what the experts say:


Four-Person Staffing Facts



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EXTENDED COVERAGE: Long Beach mourns at funeral for slain firefighter, Capt. David Rosa

Copy/Paste this link for extended coverage of the entire memorial services for Fire Captain Dave Rosa:


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