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7 hours ago

Long Beach Firefighters

Crews training navigating through the #NaplesCanals with our #USAR team. #Firefighters were training on recon for a possible flood disaster. Crews practiced utilizing GPS to mark buildings and hazards.

#LongBeachFirefighters #BelmontShore #LongBeach #LBC @ Naples Canals
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We have the best and hottest firefighters of anywhere!!

Great thinking preparing for flooding. Good work. 😀

Love all of you!!

That looks like it was good training..

Be prepared

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2019 Special Olympic Plane Pull! Our members participated again in this event raising money for the Special Olympics Southern California and its athletes! 25 of our #Firefighters competed against other teams to pull a #UPS #Airbus weighing 125,000 lbs

#LongBeachFirefighters #PlanePull #SpecialOlympics #LBAirport #Firefighter #LongBeach
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Hope FUN was gad by ALL ! Thank You LBFD, for your CONTINUED support of Our Athletes 🤗

So awesome....Special Olympics is such an important event!

Well done

Go Long Firefighters. Way to go. Nice 👍🥰

Thank you!

An awesome cause!

I am very impressed. You L. B. F. D. folks are totally outstanding !!!

Good ole days of filming you guys.

Way to go!

Did you win? Congratulations.


Awesome Job!!! Way to go!!! ❤️💙🇺🇸

So fun! Way to go, LBFD! #thankyouforyourservice #besafe

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#Repost from @longbeachfire 🚒We are in the final week of the Engineers Academy and #YourLBFD spent time with Los Angeles Fire Department practicing defensive driving techniques. Each candidate practiced defensive maneuvering and emergency braking. It takes significant focus to manage a 46,000 pound Fire engine and these engineer candidates make it look easy! #fireengineer #DriverOperator #SemperParatus #SoManyCones #BigRedTruck ... See MoreSee Less

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Best job in the fire service!

It’s very hard. Good luck 👍

I bet that was fun!

Great Job! There are so many crazy Drivers. #staystrongalways!

Rick Rizzo

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Our condolences and prayers go out to the family of CHP Officer Andre Moye along with CHP - Riverside for their tradgic loss during a shoot out on the 215 Fwy. Two other officers were injured during the incident who we hope for have a full recovery.

#bluelivesmatter #thinblueline #RIP
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Our condolences and prayers go out to the family of CHP Officer Andre Moye along with CHP - Riverside for their tradgic loss during a shoot out on the 215 Fwy. Two other officers were injured during the incident who we hope for have a full recovery. 

#bluelivesmatter #thinblueline #RIP

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Rest In Peace🌺, and thank you for that friendly smile Officer Andre

My condolences to the family

Thoughts and Prayers For the family and CHP

So sorry for your loss family and loved ones of this fallen HERO😔.


Thank You for your service. Rest In Peace

Condolences to the family!!

Thank you for your service. RIP. Sorry for the loss of this policeman. Prayers to the family.

Prayers to his family!

Rest in peace condolences to that family

My Brother Has Fallen My Brother has fallen; no, I don't know his name. Have not the same parents still family all the same. He lives in this town, I live in another, It doesn't really matter 'cause this man is my Brother. My Brother I call him, yet I've never seen his face. I have brothers and sisters all over the place! You see I am a Firefighter and our families are one. Around the world, a brotherhood of unity, A closeness, a bond, most people don't see. I'll watch your back; she'll watch mine "You go, I go," time after time His family's my family, her family theirs, We're part of one family where everyone cares, I'll look after your kids, please look in on my wife, Should that day finally come when I laid down my life. We dedicate our lives to helping our fellow man, Living day after day doing all that we can, Where ever we're needed whether nighttime or day, To save life of another we'll step in harms way. My Brother has fallen doing what he loved best, And among the Honored, he now stands with the rest For a mile in dress uniforms here everyone stands, For my Brother has fallen, God into your hands.

Deepest condolences and may God Comfort his family and friends!!!Peaceandlove,always!!!✝️❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻

I am so truly sorry!!

Another senseless tragedy. We too wish our condolences. R. I. P. Officer Andre Moye. 😢🇺🇸

Godspeed Officer Moye


Thanks for sharing! Praying for the family and all his brothers and sisters!

Deepest condolences to his family & loved ones. Thank you for your service! 🙏👮‍♂️

So sad. My condolences to his family & friends including CHP.

Prayers and love going out to the family, RIP ✝️🙏❤️🥰



Rest in peace Sir.

May God continue to bless you in your time of need I'm so very sorry.


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2 weeks ago

Long Beach Firefighters

#USAR Incident this morning with a vehicle into building. #LongBeachFirefighters were able to quickly build a temporary shore to stabilize the building. No injuries reported. Please drive safely out there #LongBeach

#Firefighter #Firefighters #Shoring #LBC #LongBeachCity @ Long Beach, California
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Good job guys!

Great Job! Love you guys 🙏🏻🇺🇸🦅⚔️👍🏻😎🌴

Thank you for all that you do for the community. Be safe out there!

Good job !

Great job LBF

Good job guys

Good job guys

Great job LBFD!

Good job guys!

Thank you LBFD!

Man...that parking lot is always full! The boba place next door is also great.

Way to go Long Beach Firefighters 👨🏻‍🚒👏🏻🤗🇺🇸❤️🙏🏼

Hopefully no one was injured 🤕. What happened 🌞

OMGOSH 😳😳😳😯😯😯 WTH??! HOW?! WHAAAAT?!! SMDH I go buy my bread here all the time..smdh Was he not paying attention to where he was going? or maybe on his phone? oorrr DUI?😕😒👿👿 Glad no one was there when this happened!

This is why I don't walk in front of cars.

How did that happen? Glad nobody was hurt


Red tag coming ..,

Ohh damm

Anyone know what happens in easy ave between Burnett and 23 yesterday? There was a car flipped upside down around 5:30-6pm. Hopefully no one was injured.

Jessica Valle Elizabeth Valle Martha Valle Arz Vi I don’t think it’s anyone we know this time 😆


Marcos Hernandez

Eric Jeronimo

Maxwell Dubin

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As firefighters, we see horrors few can imagine. While the call may end, the effects linger.
If we’re not careful, sometimes they can push us over the edge.


Experts Support Four-Person Staffing On Fire Engines/Trucks

Since 2004, the Long Beach Fire Department has lost 30 sworn positions and is now below 1970’s staffing levels when the department responded to 5000 emergency calls, compared to 2010’s 48,525 calls. The Long Beach Firefighters are especially concerned about a city proposal to cut staffing onboard firefighting units from four to three, since this will cause completely unnecessary life-threatening delays.

California law requires that there must be four firefighters on scene before a unit can deploy personnel into a fire. If a unit arrives with only three firefighters, it has to wait for back-up wasting critical time since fire doubles in size every minute. Lost time results in greater danger to those in the building, those fighting the fire, the structure itself and surrounding neighbors.

Don’t take our word for it, please click on the following link to see what the experts say:

Four-Person Staffing Facts